Carlotta Summers is an actor and writer currently living in NYC. Born in a small town in Maryland, she knew from the age of 6 when she stepped on stage for the first time in elementary school that she wanted to take over the world by age 7. But that didn’t exactly pan out, so she went with her second passion: acting!
Not too long after, Carlotta developed a love for storytelling and poetry. She also loved secretly hiding in boxes until a passerby would notice. Ever since then she has been reading, writing (and waiting) until one day she was accepted into the drama program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.
Fascinated by daring women in movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the television show, not the movie) she knew it was her duty to become one of those women. So she began intensively studying stage combat and various forms of stunt work (whip included) hoping to, one day, kick ass (theatrically, of course.)
She graduated from Tisch in May 2013, with a BFA in Theater and minor in psychology. At Tisch, she found a piece of her soul with the Experimental Theater Wing where, in her second year, she wrote, directed and was featured in her own piece “The Illustrious Beauty.” After graduating Tisch she then studied with Stonestreet Studios. Since then she has had roles in a few independent films, theatrical productions, and various shows around NYC.
Highlights include recently working as Assistant to the Fight Director on the Broadway show Therese Raquin with Keira Knightly and Matt Ryan; acting in the independent film, The Art of Eight Limbs, with director Charles Vuolo; and being featured in the independent film Margarita, With a Straw along side William Moseley and José Rivera.

She is currenty working on an original piece: Butterflies, the short film.
Though she is drawn to the theater, she wants to pursue her life long dream of becoming a film actress. Although quirky and charming, Carlotta has an intensity that can be seen through her bright eyes and hopes to one day share this with the world. She is inspired everyday by strong, courageous, intelligent woman, and hopes to be just as influential and empowering through her work. Though small, at 5' 3", she is a fighter. She is dedicated. With her passion, fire for performance, creative ingenuity, and commitment to art, the sky’s the limit!
She also wants to own a puppy someday. In due time.